17kg Giant Octopus - Korean Street Food

To everyone in the comments that think the octopus is feeling every instance of pain when he cuts it, at 4:03 he cuts off the nerve endings to the brain, so the brain (or octopus) feels nothing, thats why he did that first. The muscles will still tense after most animals are killed like that. If you have ever heard of the saying "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" this is what this refers to. The chicken is dead but the body still is running...octupuses flop because thats how they swim. 

Edit: There are many people in the comments saying this is wrong and the chicken/octopus is still alive. I'm sorry but you are just flat out wrong. But allow me to explain. I have seen this firsthand, my family used to grow chickens (on a free range where they were happy). When we butchered them their bodies would go crazy when we cut their heads off. 1: they are instantly dead when their head is separated from every single working organ in their body. If you think that the brain has some mystical connection to the body you have read too many fantasy books. 2: All sense of feeling is achieved through brain, so the body does not feel anything (yes octopuses have some small amount of brain cells in their appendiches, but not enough to process pain like a full brain does, that brain is just wired to find food) 3: the pressure of the cutting material instantly sends an electrical signal through the nerves in the spinal chord which triggers the reaction throughout the ENTIRE body. You know the concept of muscle memory? Well that applies in this case. A brain does not have to signal 'run' to a muscle. It will do the thing that it has done 10,000 times as a response. Just like when you are walking you don't have to constantly remind your legs which foot comes next. You only send one simple signal: walk. I hope this helps clear some things up. And in reference to the octopus, all of the nerve endings are connected around the center of the eyes. Before any gruesome chopping happens, he cuts the nerve endings. No nerve endings = no feeling. Again, if you think otherwise, stop reading so much fantasy and get into some science/non-fiction



17kg Giant Octopus - Korean Street Food

Korea has one the longest five second rules I've ever seen.

I have a very important exam in a matter of days- but somehow I ended up on these korean/japanese food videos. And now my feed is full of it. And I love it.

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