Greatest Fights in the Animal Kingdom Part 3 | BBC Earth

From iconic scenes to unusual contests, the animal world is full of face-offs. For family or territory, these determined animals won't go down without a fight...

Real hard work and patience by the BBC EARTH team, the iguana & the snakes was the most scariest but more like a horror movie when all the snakes turned their head in sync, as always well narrated by David Attenborough

Iguana baby: " I need incredible speed, strength and endurance in my first hour of life"

Human baby: "I'm going to try to walk one step in my first year"


Greatest Fights in the Animal Kingdom Part 3 | BBC Earth

Praises to these patient and no doubt a very lengthy job of filming these excepts on the natural world and an expert narration by the one and only best narrator…David Attenborough.

There are three possibilities: 
1) It was all CGI
2) The snakes and the iguanas were paid actors
3) It happened in real, and someone actually captured the moment with the highest tech cameras at all the perfect angles.

Funny how the answer that's true looks the most beyond belief. Just shows the greatness of the whole content and its creators. Hats off!!
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