Amazing 6 Most Beautiful Quetzals in the World

Amazing 6 Most Beautiful Quetzals in the World

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As We All Know That Birds Have Quite A Lot Of Beautiful Species. All Of Them Are Unique And Colorful In Their Own Way. Today We Are Going To Show You Some Elegant Birds Known As Quetzals From Trogon Family. It Is Considered As The World’s Most Beautiful Bird Species. These Birds Are Found In Many Attractive Colors And Patterns. They Have Long Tail Feathers Of Up To One Meter. There Are Only 6 Known Species Of Quetzals And All Quetzals Are Trogons. There Are About 50,000 Quetzals Left In This World. This Bird Is Mostly Found In Tropical Forests Of Central America. It Usually Feeds On The Insect, Lizards, Fruits, And Other Small Creatures. 

This Bird Is Also Known As Palestinian Freedom Bird Because Its Colors Resembles The Flag Of State Of Palestine


Amazing 6 Most Beautiful Quetzals in the World

Quetzals Are Also The National Bird Of Guatemala. Back In The Ancient Days, This Bird Was Considered Sacred And Priests Wore Its Feathers. The Average Life Span Of This Bird Is About 20 To 25 Years. Now Let’s Discuss The 6 Most Beautiful Quetzals In The World.

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