10 Dinosaurs Caught on Camera in Real Life

Just like the baryonyx next to the swimming pool the compsognathus is another thing from Jurassic world if you don't believe me it shows a lot of resemblance from the one in the movies.

Yeah that's kind of hard to believe because I lived in Montana and I lived in Polson Montana for awhile and Polson Montana is based around Flathead Lake and I never ever saw one single bird that look like that

am i the only one who wants to own and go out to see dinosaurs at 12:02am after randomly watching this.

If dinosaurs did survive extinction it would be the smallest dinosaurs and they’d be hidden in places where people don’t go or can’t go💯 


10 Dinosaurs Caught on Camera in Real Life

Fun fact! The compy, baryonyx, and mosasaurus ( which isn’t even a dinosaur ) were from a promo website for Jurassic world dominion. The website is called dino tracker and is still up to this day.

It wasn't a baby dinosaur it's a small triangle pyramid guy they shape shift into whatever is needed to either move with stealth and cloaking abilities and they got really big ones

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