10 Beautiful Insects You can Keep as Pets

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Our planet is full of diverse and fascinating creatures - many of which have strange traits and characteristics that have to be seen, to be believed. It’s no different when it comes to insects, as some of them have excelled at becoming evolutionary wonders - developing mind blowing camouflage to protect themselves in their natural habitat. Because of this, many people have opted to keep them as pets, despite the difficulties they will have.

Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green. If you're curious about the truly magnificent insects that people keep as pets, you will want to hang around until the very end to see an insect that is definitely not what it seems! 


10 Beautiful Insects You can Keep as Pets

Monarch butterflies technically aren't endangered anymore they are considered to be of "special concern" since the efforts of some humans are the only reason they aren't endangered currently when they were only a few years ago. They also can't technically be kept as pets (aside from the caterpillars) due to their yearly migrations.

Nice video. One little mistake I caught was when you're talking about the Atlas Moth. At 8:38 - 8:43, that is actually a Cecropia Moth. Not quite as large as the Atlas, but still a very large moth with a five to seven inch wingspan. It's North America's largest native moth.
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