Leopard Attacks Python in Kruger

This is rare footage captured by the Campbell-Harris family while on holiday to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This sighting was spotted on the S1, 300m West of the S65 turnoff West of Skukuza. This sighting was submitted by Michelle and Anton .

After we shot the video, we stayed with the leopard for awhile. The snake was in the water and leopard was unhappy to venture too far in. We left and came back about 2 hours later. The leopard was in a tree alongside and eating something, which he dropped part of. He came down to retrieve it. It is difficult to know wether it was part of the snake or a part of a kill we had heard that he made the night before. We lloked for the snake again, but were unable to spot him.


Leopard Attacks Python in Kruger

Leopards are very smart, did you see how it used its paw to grab the snake and how cautious he was when approaching the snake.that's the difference between top predators and preys. Antelopes, gazelles fall victims to pythons by curiosity, they'd come to investigate even sniff python on their first encounter&bang! It grab them.

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