People Saving Animals From Wild Animals

People Saving Animals From Wild Animals


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We’re all too familiar with viral news of cats and dogs rescuing their owners from surefire tragedy–– how often do humans play the heroes and end up saving their pet from another wild animal? We’re about to find out.

Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green. Today, we’re bringing you 8 Times People Saved Their Pets From Other Wild Animals. We’re talking face offs with coyotes, kangaroos and snakes! And if you want to see a man take on a full-sized alligator who snatched his dog, then you’ll definitely want to stick through until number 1

Time Stamps:

00:38 Jamaican Saves Dog From Crocodile

01:45 Man Saves Deer from Python

02:52 Man Boxes Kangaroo To Save Dog

04:22 Dog Owners Fight Off Coyote

05:31 Dog Freed from Anaconda

06:48 Fake Dog Save?

08:15 Man Saves Dog from Alligator


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