20 Largest Dogs in the World

20 Largest Dogs in the World

Large dogs have always been valued for many qualities: they are excellent watchmen, defenders, shepherds, hunters, bloodhounds, and even babysitters. But first of all, they are good and loyal friends. In this video we are going to talk about the Top 20 largest dogs in the world you won’t believe exist.


20 Largest Dogs in the World

My first dog was an English Mastiff. His name was Bacchus and he grew to be 195lbs of pure love and affection. He  was gentle, loyal and and incredible with children.

I remember speaking to a breeder of Irish Wolfhounds at a Ren-Faire and one thing that was mentioned was that for all their power, speed and agility they actually have quite fragile bones.  AFAIK the same can be said about the Scottish deerhound but I may be mis-remembering.

I had a newfoundland dog and he was MASSIVE, and also gentle. A bit crazy too, because he ran around a lot and sometimes hit trees with his head. A real ram. Then I had to move to other places and couldn't keep him, so I gave him to a gentle woman who already had that same dog but female and also horses to run around with. Later I learned that they had puppies.

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