10 Strangest Things Washed Up on Beaches

10 Strangest Things Washed Up on Beaches

Hello and welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green. You may have found an interesting shell or maybe an unusual piece of litter on a beach before but we guarantee you have never seen anything like the things in this video. And you won’t believe your eyes at number 1. So let’s not bum around and dive straight into it.

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Everybody loves the beach. Where soft sand meets crystal clear water and makes the perfect setting to kick back and catch some rays, catch a wave, hang out with your friends or blow away the cobwebs. There's something special about gazing out across the ocean and wondering what mysteries it keeps. Well sometimes the ocean decides to give us a sneak peek and throw something back for us to marvel at. So hold onto your flip flops; these are the 10 weirdest things ever found on a Beach.


10 Strangest Things Washed Up on Beaches

The Panama monster piece showed two completely different animals, the pink bloated corpse looked like a drowned sloth that had been in the water for quite a while,  the other was found in 2008 near Montauk NY, USA and it was speculated that it could have been a hybrid experiment from the nearby Plum Island animal research labs.. it has been in so many YT videos already, I’m amazed that this channel is so badly researched..

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