15 Abnormally Large Snakes That Actually Exist

You either love snakes, or you hate them. Typically, there is no in-between. But even those who don’t seem to mind snakes will probably recoil in horror after seeing some of the largest of their kind in the world. From Africa’s largest snake to the largest native snake of Papua New Guinea and Australia, here are 15 abnormally large snakes that actually exist. 


15 Abnormally Large Snakes That Actually Exist

Yes I'm terrified of snake's and we have plenty here in rural northern Oklahoma. We have rattlesnake's, copperhead, cottonmouth and a big variety of snake's that  are not venomous. My husband caught a hognose last summer, I'd never seen one before, their appearance is scarey but they are not aggressive and will play dead if acting like a cobra doesn't work for them. My husband and I came across the biggest rattlesnake I'd ever seen and my nephew and I came across a big cottonmouth. I don't like snake's and do my best to avoid them. 

My 3 year old grandson isn't scared of snake's as long as he's got his Papa with him. We don't allow the little one's to go outside unsupervised during snake season. I've learned more about snake's in the last 3 month's watching Jay Brewer. Jay own's a small zoo with plenty of reptile's, you can find him on utube. He's family friendly I reccomend him if your interested in finding out more about snake's.

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