If You See This On The Beach, You Have a Few Seconds to Hide

Most people love nothing more than taking a day at the beach. Sea, sand, surf, some sandwiches. What could be better But not all beach days go according to plan. In fact, some days, you probably wish you'd gone literally anywhere BUT the beach. From a one-eyed shark to a weird carcass, let's take a look at the 20 Strangest Things Washed Up on Beaches! ► For copyright matters please contact us: OfficialAmerikano@hotmail.com

If You See This On The Beach, You Have a Few Seconds to Hide


I remember when I was around 10 myself school friends and thier parents found loads of pyramid shaped jade coloured stones washed up on the local river shore,so many people came to collect them but I didn't hear anyone ever discovering what they were or how they got there 🤔

RARE TOPIC : looks like an experiment, what I thought were ears could be something that was put into the animal before it was born because it’s skin has grown around it, the bright yellow stuff in the tube has gone through the animals body and a thick layer is at the bottom of its chin, and that’s if the photo is true to colour. The body looks like a puffer fish was crossed with a whale. The photo looks genuine because of the reflection of the body on the sand, but who knows really

I really find these videos entertaining, BUT....there are nearly always things that are factually wrong in them. Just to take one example, killer whales are NOT sharks. They are whales. Hence the name. ;) They breathe O2 from the surface, they do not have gills...O2 is NOT poisonous to them, they actually have to surface for it to survive. Just saying... ;)

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