15 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

If you love your sun and surf, then you know that you would do anything to spend your vacation at the beach. It’s the perfect destination when you want to have some fun and relax at the same time. You get to watch beautiful sunsets and sunrise, walk and play on the sandy shore and enjoy a good swim in the cool pleasant waters. What's not to love about beaches? Apparently, plenty! Hazards and dangers lie in some of these beaches that could potentially rAll beaches are dangerous if you’re not careful. I stepped on a dead jellyfish once, when I wasn’t that close to the water.  Be mindful of nature and respect it.uin your entire vacation or worse!

15 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World


Hello guys, welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green! In this video, we explore the 15 Most Dangerous Beaches In the World and you should stick around for #1 as we will show you the perfect example of 'good looks can be deceiving' as some of the them are the most beautiful yet the most deadly!

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