14 Animals That Are the Last of Their Kind

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When we talk about endangered species, the popular ones that come to mind are polar bears, white tigers, snow leopards, and pandas. Sadly, the list goes way beyond that, and there are some species that seem like they’ll last a long time but are actually under threat. Some are on their way out due to natural selection, but most of them are being forced out by human actions, such as hunting or poaching and destruction of their habitat. 

Here are 14 animals that you will be surprised to know are probably the last of their kind. Welcome back to the 4 Ever Green channel, and before we go on, we have a quick puzzle for you! 

Which of these animals has already gone extinct? The passenger pigeon, the red crowned roofed turtle, or the addax? Put your guesses in the comments and keep watching for the answer! 

14 Animals That Are the Last of Their Kind


The Yangtze giant Rafetus turtle  is considered the most critically endangered turtle in the world, with only three known individuals left on Earth. The species' last known female died in a zoo in Suzhou, China. I went to the zoo to see the last female but unfortunately she recently died.

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