You Can't Finish This Video


Youtube pretty much made its name as the place to go for weird and totally disturbing videos back in the day. For a company that now occupies the moral high ground of 2020s censorship and community guidelines, it sure got off to a murky start as a place that hosted videos too messed up to see anywhere else. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any disturbing videos on Youtube anymore. 

Far from it - and some are still managing to exist today. From the bizarre arachnid you never want on your face to the legendary Max Headroom, here’s the 20 Most Disturbing YouTube Videos of All Time 

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The artist with the clay does a piece called, The Dictator and its especially creepy to watch it now with all the political stuff that is currently going on. The way the piece is put together and performed is especially disturbing when you apply what he's projecting to what's all going on, put them together,  and then really give it some thought.

I have been in the outdoors and have never seen ticks cluster like that.

Watch the video below to see You Can't Finish This Video


Well, I'm not sure they are ticks. They don't leave even a bite mark or red spot and they just look like they are barely stuck. Tick's like that would have been there awhile to get that big. And I don't see a person just getting them all at once and not removing them. And they are all the same size.

What the hell. We know what tick's are. We want to know more about the person that the ticks were on and how in the world would anyone just let them stay there and keep getting more in the same area. Don't show us something and then just ignore it. WE KNOW WHAT TICK'S ARE!!!

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