If You See This In The Desert, Get Away Fast

If You See This In The Desert, Get Away Fast

Ancient Egypt used to be one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations, which is why we’ve discovered so many unique and amazing things there. But what’s interesting is that we don’t always have answers for what we find. And even when we do, we’re still amazed by the discoveries we make. From a lost golden city to a screaming mummy, here are 20 strangest things discovered in Egypt.

Thank you for actually discussing the photo in your thumbnail. Most  channels strategically bait you to watch there vid’s without ever  mentioning or discussing the thumbnail that got you to watch in the 1st place . Subscribed.

Very interesting to find lots of children mummified.  They should I vestigate if this got to do with the death of the first born Moses time the passover! The last plague!


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