A shocking find in an oak tree

A shocking find in an oak tree

Today we carried out an order for sawing into slabs of a large oak log. The whole log was stuffed with metal. But what was found at the end of the sawing shocked us.

I'm not a huge safety guy myself but the bare feet / flip flops are hilarious. Beautiful slabs and pretty precision cuts considering the basic tools. Well done on utilizing the whole piece. Obviously not the first time these guys have milled unusual shapes of trees.

Fascinating. Thanks for uploading. Unfortunately a common problem with timber from past war zones. Can't help wondering what the large spike once was or how it got there. I guess we'll never know.

OMG,the lines, the stories...the tale of this. The patience, and timing of these men. I workedright next to a carpentry shop. The only time I got close to seeing anything remotely close to this is when they brought something in from home to do in the off time.

Watch the video below to see A shocking find in an oak tree


I did a job (unpaid) for a mate, he had been finding all sorts of metal in the wood he was milling. I took my gold detector down and searched the logs and was able to mark the location of all the metal objects. Mostly nails except for a massive target deep in the log. Turned out to be a cast iron hing for a farm gate. Seems the tree had stood for a long time (150+ years) and was used to hold a fence around a sheep pen and the hinge was where the. Gate was hung. Several hours work saving multiple saw bands and the miserable bugger didn’t even shout me a beer. Still mates though

Definitely not on the same scale, but I once purchased a couple of walnut blocks along with the hardware to create a set of custom turned salt and pepper shakers. The block for the pepper mill was approximately 2x2x4 1/2 inches. I looked it over carefully for any potential splits or cracks and saw nothing of concern, yet when I started turning the outside, I hadn't even cleaned up the surface before hitting a nail buried completely inside the wooden block. I been I sharpened my gouge faster than these gentlemen sharpened their twelve feet of saw chain!

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