The kind-hearted man didn’t listen anyone who said do not touch this helpless kitten named Ugly

I would take him in and make sure he is loved and cared for. No animal should be treated like that, and the people who mistreated Ugly will receive punishment. Ugly, i hope you're doing well in heaven, and I'm sorry for what those horrible people did to you. That man who loved Ugly, bless him. We need more compassion towards animals.

That man will be blessed by God for showing compassion for one of his creatures he created . Noah saved animals on his arch for a reason . Animals serve many purposes . We should show them respect . That poor animal . He is a beautiful cat for having so much love when the world hated him so badly . Glad God allowed there's two to cross paths . One day I hope they are United in his kingdom . People all need to have compassion for each other and animals


This just broke my heart,wish i hadnt bloody watched it now,i presumed it was going to be a happy ending,should have a warning with it,im very passionate about animals,and things upset me for days when i see them,i avoid anyhing sad,i know it exsists,i just dont need to see it!!! Bless that poor animal,and shame on everyone in that neighbour hood for not taking care of him/she sooner,its bloody disgusting,and no excuse for it,i know the man stepped up in the end,but was abit to late,wasnt it.Oh well no one will have to look at his ugly face anymore,will they? can all be happy now,SHAME ON THE LOT OF YOU!!!

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