Giant snake tried to cross the highway and look what happened

Giant snake tried to cross the highway and look what happened

With the construction of highways, several animals are run over daily, among them are the anacondas. See in this video a green anaconda that got the worst, the giant snake, green anaconda was run over while trying to cross the highway. Every community where animals die on the highways in great numbers should employ Canadian strategy of tunnels. Crooked, greedy politicians don't t like to spend money on anything that gets in the way of their graft.

I wanted to see the Anaconda actually getting run over by the truck. Anyway good job truck driver whoever did the honors. What a stupid commentary. We should be very sorry for all other animals that get killed on the roads, but not for anacondas. It's a shame to see these scenes, but I'm glad that just as there are people who don't take care of animals, on the other hand there are also good people who avoid accidents, congratulations on the video!


There should be underground and air crossings on all our highways, they build large highways and forget about the poor animals, just like the transposition of the São Francisco River ñ they made a step and many animals go to drink water and drown. Another is these modern glass that birds crash against them and die, and many Barreiros and wells built with no way out and no protection for the poor animals! 

Hello, how are you, it is very sad to see how the so-called modernity of today's society advances, of the great real estate ventures, of the crazy race of the industrial business monopolies to increase their million-dollar profits and all at the cost of destroying day by day day the beautiful fauna and rich nature, without realizing that it is little or little committing suicide, destroying the great lungs of oxygen of our virgin forests and poisoning mother earth !!!!!

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