Exclusive: A Day In The Life Of A Kruger Park Rhino Bull

Enjoy this footage: Probably half of these rhinos in this video might have been poached by now? In just a decade, more than 7,137 African rhinos have been lost to poaching. A staggering 1,054 rhinos killed in South Africa alone during 2016, works out nearly three rhinos being killed every day.

It's so important that we protect those beautiful wonderful animals that we are able to have in our lives whatever it takes or however it has to happen we as a human race need to protect them with everything we've got. Astonishing that your animals are poached right out of your park! WOW! Is he scent marking his territory or is he removing parasites when he scratches all over the trunk and rock? With their unusual anatomy, you have to wonder if this behavior is ritual or practical.


That Bull seriously needs some Rhino nookie. He was scarring me when was itching his equipment on the tree stump. OMG I thought he was gonna sit and spin on it! The title of a behemoth gets a different meaning. This bulls are up there with the mightiest warriors who ever walked on this planet. Will the Chinese and Arabs let them live?

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