20 Shocking Creatures That Are Not From This Planet

20 Shocking Creatures That Are Not From This Planet

We already know that our planet is full of weird and often unsettling animals. We've seen enough David Attenborough documentaries to come to terms with that. But even Attenborough can't show us ALL of the animals. Which is why we're here today, to introduce you to some of the more, uh, unusual animals. From a fish who loves make-up to a vegetarian piranha, let's meet 20 Shocking Creatures That Are Not From This Planet!

I’m glad you like David Attenborough as much as I do! He taught me so much of what I know of the different sciences that I never would have learned from a teacher. And likewise, now I have you to learn from! I have seen Alligator Gar and they are terrifying looking fish. They are numerous in the lakes and rivers in Oklahoma where I am originally from. I spent a lot of time swimming in the Illinois river and Gar are one of the creatures I am terrified of! and my brother would torture me telling me one was going to bite my toes off. Gives the hebbie-gebbies! Right up there with water moccasin and the other snakes you’ll find on the banks of the river! Glad to know they won’t really eat my toes!


I caught a wolf Fish over 1000 feet deep , we had to throw it back in immediately it was deep off the coast of Maine , it was the only fish that when it surfaced it’s eyes didn’t blow out if it’s face from pressure , we were fishing for haddock and rose fish at super deep depths and their eyes constantly popped out of the head once on board ,, but for real the wolf fish in person is like a mix of an eel and a sea bass with light and dark grey stripes

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